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Thu Aug 14, 2014

This week's been going well, in case you hadn't noticed. I got a bigger chunk of time to devote to cl-notebook than I thought I would, and the result has been a mostly-working s-expression navigation system that looks like this

(defun go-sexp (direction mirror)
  (destructuring-bind (paren til)
      (case direction
        (:right (list "(" #'at-end?))
        (:left (list ")" #'at-beginning?)))
    (let ((ls (lines (mirror-contents mirror)))
          (other-paren (matching-brace paren)))
      (skip-whitespace direction mirror :ls ls)
      (cond ((and (string-at-cursor? direction mirror) (not (char-at-cursor? direction mirror "\"" :ls ls)))
             (skip-to direction mirror (list " " "\"" undefined) :ls ls))
            ((string-at-cursor? direction mirror)
              (lambda (c) (not (string-at-cursor? direction mirror)))
              mirror direction :ls ls))
            ((token-type-at-cursor? direction mirror :comment)
             (skip-to direction mirror (list " " undefined) :ls ls))
            ((and (bracket-at-cursor? direction mirror)
                  (char-at-cursor? direction mirror other-paren :ls ls))
             (go-char direction mirror))
            ((and (bracket-at-cursor? direction mirror)
                  (char-at-cursor? direction mirror paren :ls ls))
             (loop with tally = 1 until (til mirror :ls ls)
                do (go-char direction mirror)
                when (and (char-at-cursor? direction mirror paren :ls ls) 
                          (not (string-at-cursor? direction mirror))) 
                do (incf tally)
                when (and (char-at-cursor? direction mirror other-paren :ls ls)
                          (not (string-at-cursor? direction mirror)))
                do (decf tally)
                until (and (char-at-cursor? direction mirror other-paren :ls ls) (= 0 tally)))
             (go-char direction mirror))
             (skip-to direction mirror (+ " " other-paren) :ls ls))))))

It's "mostly working" as opposed to "working" because I haven't figured out how to make it play nice with the CodeMirror selection system. That, along with the slurp/barf-s-exp combo is the next thing on my plate|1|. Not sure if I'll get the time I need to, but I've been fucking lucky so far, so I may as well push it a bit.

The s-exp stuff up at the github repo was odd to get running. One thing I thought would be annoying turned out to be quite helpful, and several things I thought would be trivial turned out to be absent entirely from the CodeMirror model. For starters, that go-sexp function above is fucking atrocious, if you think about it, because we're dealing with s-expressions. And I sort of expected that any parse sufficient for generating highlighting and indentation data would also be sufficient for figuring out how to jump around the syntax tree with a minimum of fuss. The problem is that

Ultimately, I decided that getting enough information out of the internal parser would be more effort than it was worth, and just put together an s-experession jumper that works on a raw string. Less elegant than the ideal, but it works. Finally, and second-most annoyingly|2|, there seems to be no built-in way to test whether the cursor is currently at the beginning or end of an editor, so that's something else I've had to put together from whole cloth. So yeah. At the very least, I've knocked a few more line items out of the cl-notebook TODOs.

The thing that ended up surprisingly helping is the fact that CodeMirrors cursor is between characters instead of at one. Thinking about every cursor operation as looking either to the left or to the right forced me to write symmetrically all the way down to the get-cur function. Which in turn meant that I could relatively easily write a symmetric go-sexp|3|, and I'd sort of written that off from the get-go. I like it much better this way because it means I can centralize related operations, and I really like having only one place to change for a particular feature/bug.


1 - |back| - Well, the next cl-notebook-related thing on my plate. I'm quite likely to cut over to AOSA work for the next while, but you know what I mean dammit.

2 - |back| - This ended up hanging Firefox a few times in testing before I figured out what to do about it. If you're wondering, the stream thing holds "most annoying".

3 - |back| - Which is to say, one whose direction can easily be parameterized.

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