About Me

I'm a "Graphic Designer" (graduated from OCAD with a bachelor's) specializing in illustration and web development. Also, I like programming, and learning languages. Which is why I'm here.

Currently, I'm working as a senior device engineer at Raydiant, mostly doing Clojure, Python, Javascript, Shell, C and Golang work (in order of preference, rather than quantity, sadly).

About This Site

This site was built out of parentheses and higher-order functions. The site itself is just over 300 lines of relatively readable Clojure, which I still plan to refine over the next couple of weeks. There's still no database; just some markdown and JSON, processed and then served up by http-kit.

Creative Commons License

all articles at langnostic are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

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The menu background image is Jewel Wash, taken from Dan Zen's flickr stream and released under a CC-BY license