Briefly, Custom Server Redux

Sun Nov 10, 2013

So you already know I'm building a custom HTTP server for Deal. A question has arisen in my mind: how customized do I want it?

My initial assumption was that I'd just make it the usual general purpose HTTP server, with a few pieces focused on my end goal, but now that I'm waist deep in the guts of this thing, it occurs that I could take it further if I wanted to. For my current purposes, a relatively small subset of HTTP would do just fine. Here are the points I've noticed:

Acting on each of these assumptions is going to narrow the usefulness of the server, but also significantly simplify it. The optimum is eluding me, though I suspect it might be "as simple as possible" given my end goal for this particular project. Interestingly, even if I decide to do the simple thing for each of the choices outlined above, the end result will still probably be a useful general-purpose game server.

The only really funny part is that, now that I've thought it through, implementing this system as a websocket server|7| seems like it would yield an even simpler architecture. I'll save that one for later though. Step one: simple SSE+session based engine, make sure it works, then rip out its guts again and see what the other way looks like.


1 - |back| - And most of those require that the session be associated with a particular, already-instantiated game table, but optimizing for that seems like it would be going too far.

2 - |back| - When someone who just wants to watch rather than play first checks out a table. 3 - |back| - We're using quite a few features of HTML5 to make the whole thing playable.

4 - |back| - That one that I mentioned will be assumed keep-alive, while the rest assume the reverse.

5 - |back| - You're expecting text/html on the main request, text/event-stream on the subscription and application/json on the rest. If you can't handle those, you won't be able to play in any case. 6 - |back| - Everything other than the static file handlers always re-generates content; the static handlers don't need to change unless the files themselves have actually changed.

7 - |back| - Which multiple people have already recommended to me, so I'm not taking credit for that particular insight.

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