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Tue Dec 8, 2015

I think I finally have to start a boardgames tag. I've been thinking about board games for a while now, as evidenced by some of the projects I've worked on. However, they really only get talked about in short blurbs, or in context of the sometimes tangentially related software I'm playing with.

Last time, I mentioned that the Kickstarter experience consists of large and constant shipping and/or production delays (with the anomalous exception of anything Ryan Laukat touches). However, that's not to say that buying already released things from publishers is all smooth sailing. Here's something that just happened.

The Golden Egg Experience

Hello. I purchased City Council - Deluxe Edition on October 8th and have not received any updates as to the status of my order. All I have seen so far is a "Thank you for your order." with no additional information like shipping times or even an invoice number. As it is coming up to the two week mark I'm looking for any information you can provide.

Hello, I am sorry for the delayed response - or entire team were exhibiting in Germany (Spiel `15) and your order still pending. Our partners in Canada will fulfill your order as soon as they will get our shipment of games to their warehouse. I am expecting a 12 days (~) till delivery (games are still in the US). I am sorry for all the delays and I will grant you an extra card game as a compensation for your patience. [name redacted] Golden Egg Games, LLC.

Hello. I am just writing to find out if there is an update on my order. The last time I wrote was on the 22nd of October and was given an estimation of 12 days before shipping. Is there any new information you can give me as it is now well past that time frame. The original order was placed on the 8th of October. Any information is greatly appreciated,

Hello. It has been an additional 3 weeks (placed order on October 8th - correspondence November 12th). I would like an update as to what is happening with my order. I still have not received an invoice. Please respond.

What I Think

Were I the sort of person to infer from timestamps here, my conclusion would be that my order got completely forgotten about for the better part of a month, then hurriedly put through in response to the claim being filed with PayPal. Honestly, I'd rather have the game than my $34 back, so at this point I'm considering simply cutting off all communication with Golden Egg, and sharing this story with anyone who ever sits down to play City Council with me. The lesson here is that shipping delays are not a Kickstarter Exclusive. I have not yet had a worse experience ordering off the KS games stream.

Obviously, if you want to avoid this kind of hassle, order from dedicated board game retailers. Or better yet, walk into an actual store or cafe and buy a physical box to bring home with you. Shipping delays eliminated, guaranteed, though this does restrict you to buying games that are merely currently available.

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