Antler - Day 5

Wed Apr 3, 2024

Recap from last week. Again, if you've been following along, you know what I've extracted here.

There's been some changes to the schedule; based on feedback from the group, it looks like a bunch of people want more time to work on their idea. So there's some alternate programming that lets the founders that have tracked out already/are more focused on building a team (because they already have their starting idea) focus on their own thing. Everyone else is still encouraged to go socialize.

Office hours

For week 2, there will be one office hour. It'll vary going forward, based on the founder teams

Bernie Li's Founder Story

This is the story of Pure Energy

What did you do before your startup?

How did you go about trying to find an idea and cofounders?

Why did you get excited about building Pure Energies?

How did you finance the business initially?

What were the first key steps?

What did go-to-market look like?

Was the journey straight up and to the right?

When did VCs get involved?

How did the acquisition come about and why did you exit?


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