Antler - Day 9

Sat May 11, 2024

Note: This post was really late. I've been taking time to do more programming than I've done since my younger startup days. As I write this note, we've concluded Week 7, and I plan to do a reflections post on that shortly, but right now I'm playing catch-up with various Antler and TASM notes. Sorry, kinda not sorry.

Sharing discovery

Context free notes from various presentations.

That's It For Now

This sub-series has been a set of notes that I furiously typed out during the various Antler sessions in a similar style to how I cover the TASM group. There's been a lot of positive feedback on various private channels, including a surprising number of people asking me if I was using some sort of transcription+LLM setup to compile notes so quickly. The answer is no; I type them with my human fingers and try to think quickly enough to wring out insight as I go. As with the rest of this blog, half the point is me working ideas through my brain and seeing what sort of nutrients I can extract.

The curriculum is done now, and most of us are in build-or-sell mode. There will probably be more posts tagged Antler, but they'll be notes on progress, or possibly links to stream VODs of me writing ridiculous amounts of JS/Python in my now-bizarre dev setup.

I'm planning to take a little time off, both to work on the main build, and to do some touch-ups to catwalk so I can resume/fully-automate the audio versions of this blog.

Wish me luck, and as always, I'll let you know how it goes.

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